This is a statement I hear every day from people I talk to about our services. If you happen to have an experienced and professional web designer in your family, then lucky you! But chances are your relative isn’t as clued-up as they say they are…

The rapid development of the internet has created plethora of wannabe designers and developers. I still come across websites which look like they were developed with WordPad and they make me really sad! I’m talking about websites with just a few pages here; colours all over the place and with a navigation looking like a five-year-old has done the job!

These shoddy ‘web development’ offerings bring down the rest of the industry. Even some big telecommunications companies (mentioning no names) are belittling professional web designers by offering cheap websites, that look cheap as well.

I love the internet and would love to avoid seeing websites that would make me squirm….so let’s get rid of the wannabes and those very dull websites. Let’s instead make the web beautiful with professional website design that reflects the aspirations of your brand.

  • Adam Egginton

    “My cousin knows frontpage…he’s doing my company’s web site.” Oh dear god no! 🙂

    Great article Terry!