As every small business knows, finding the right employees is absolutely key to the success of your operation. Staff recruitment can be an expensive affair, and so knowing what you want before you start is really important. Do you need a graduate? Someone who shows dedication to achieving their goals? Or would you be happier with a candidate who has relevant experience but lacks a formal education? ‘Both!’ I hear you cry!

An article in the Guardian Online today examines a government-commissioned report which suggests that all university students should carry out a summer-long internship before they graduate, priming them for life in the world of business. The report recommends that businesses offering paid internships should receive government assistance in the form of grants, or tax credits. It is hoped that this will encourage businesses to offer more of these sought-after positions.

It is also suggested that where internships are unpaid, funds could be diverted from universities to support students who are financially in need.

This initiative aims to increase the employability of graduates, with real, hands-on experience. For many students still in the process of completing their degree, this could be welcome news. So to for employers looking for something more than theoretical knowledge in their employees.

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