Even though it doesn’t quite carry the same weight this side of the pond, the Superbowl is still by far the biggest (and most expensive) event in the marketing calendar. Huge companies fight for the prime position advert spots in the hopes of pushing their products to the 110 million people watching.

But this year, the most talked about advert had possibly the smallest budget and the shortest production time.

The Superbowl experienced a blackout just after superstar Beyonce’s astounding half time performance of the American national anthem, plunging half of the stadium into darkness (including the press box).

But as the confused broadcasters fumbled to cut to a commercial break, the real advertising magic took place online.

In the 34 minutes of ensuing darkness, biscuit sandwich company Oreo posted the following image on Twitter:




This is a brilliant example of social media marketing – quick, relevant, and relatively cheap – especially compared to the $4 million cost of a 30 second TV ad during America’s (and probably the world’s) largest sporting event.

It is a great example of how social media advertising is becoming just as important as “real world” advertising such as TV and newspaper/magazine advertising, and how the medium allows for a much faster turnaround, making it much easier for the advert to be relevant and up-to-date.

Check out more tweets from the blackout here.

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