Google has announced plans to roll out free listings on their Google Shopping platform. This service allows online eCommerce stores to sell their products directly on Google.

Since re-branding to Google Shopping in 2012, the service has been paid-only. With increasing pressures bearing down upon retail markets, the search engine giant has decided to allow businesses to list their products for free to help them better connect with consumers during this period of uncertainty . 

Get your products listed here for free!

Get your products listed here for free!

This is a massive opportunity for any product-based business. Even before the pandemic hit,  hundreds of millions of Shopping searches took place every week. It has been estimated that Google Shopping makes up 85% of paid traffic for online retailers.

Now with brick and mortar shops shut for the foreseeable future, this platform and other digital commerce services are becoming key places for businesses looking to sell their wares. Even when the world returns to relative normality, eCommerce is going to be vital for the success of a large number of businesses, and free Google Shopping listings could be central to this. 

The free version of the service is rolling out at the end of April for the US, and is planned to be extended to the rest of the world by the end of the year. 
Although free listings won’t hit for a few months in the UK, now is the perfect time to make sure your website and products are ready for listing on Google Shopping.

How to make your website ready for Google Shopping:  

eCommerce Ready

First of all, your website requires full eCommerce functionality to be eligible for Google Shopping. This essentially means that customers can purchase products on your website. 

Your site will need at the very least individual product pages, basket & checkout functionality and an integrated payment gateway. If your site doesn’t have these capabilities, you won’t be able to make use of the free Shopping listings.

If you sell products  and you haven’t upgraded your site so customers can purchase directly on-site, now is the perfect time. Alongside the huge benefits of free Shopping listings, digital commerce will prove to be a vital revenue stream for many as more and more shoppers move online. 

If you are interested in how you can upgrade your site, get in touch with the team at eSterling who can help make the transition to eCommerce. We have been building eCommerce sites for over 20 years and know how to create sites that makes it easy for customers to purchase the products they need. 

Set Up A Merchant Account 

If you plan on only using the free listings in Google Shopping, you technically won’t need a merchant account until later in the year when the service goes live. However, now is a better time than ever to sign up and get acquainted with how the platform works. 

This account is where all your product data will live, alongside where you can where you can set shipping and tax rules. Sign up is easy and can be done here –

Sign up for a merchant account!

Sign up for a merchant account here.

When you want to start selling products, you will need to verify ownership of your website. This can be done in a few ways including Google Analytics, Tag Manager or a HTML file upload. 

If you need assistance with verification process, eSterling can help guide you through the easiest solution possible 

Set Up Product Feed

If you have an eCommerce site all ready to go, you’ll need to generate a product feed that can be sent to Google. A shopping feed is essentially what allows you to tell Google what you are selling and how much to sell it for. This is the heart of any good Shopping campaign, so getting this setup and optimised well in advance could be key to success when free listings are rolled out. 

Setting up and optimising your google shopping feed it will ensure you show up for the right searches, earn clicks and maximise sales. eSterling have helped companies across the UK set up their product feeds and succeed in Google shopping. We handle everything from generation to optimisation, so if you want to outperform your competition when the free listings roll out, contact eSterling now. 

Optimise Product Pages

Google Shopping requires landing pages from product ads to show the same product, image and price that appeared on the Shopping listing, as well as the ability to intuitively add to cart and purchase.

A landing page that doesn’t meet Google’s requirement could prevent your products from showing up at all. Now is the perfect time to review all of your product pages to ensure they are eligible to appear within the free listings later this year. 


Google also requires product images to meet certain quality standards, for instance, if your image is  too low resolution the product may be prevented from appearing in your campaign at all. Now is a great time to review your product images. 

eSterling’s web design team have created hundreds of product pages that meet the standards of Google shopping. If you feel your product pages need reviewing, contact us now and we can go through what you need to do to get them ready to sell for free on Google Shopping this year. 

Set Up User Tracking 

Ensuring you can accurately track how Google Shopping users are interacting with your site will be vital in ensuring your campaign is performing as best as possible when you start making use of the new free listings.

eSterling’s SEO team can set up Google Analytics and other user tracking options on your site in no time, making the process as simple as possible and ensuring your tracking is ready once the new changes start to roll out.  

Call us on 0121 766 8087 and we can discuss in more depth how we can help you get your website ready for free Google Shopping Ads. 

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