Did you know that the number of mobile internet users is set to surpass desktop internet users within the next four year’s?
There is a very good chance that at least 5% of your customers, prospects or friends are browsing your website at this moment using mobile handheld devices.

What is the difference between a mobile website and my existing website?

New mobile browsing technology, such as the Apple iPad and iPhone and other smart phones have much smaller displays than traditional PC and laptop monitors.

Mobile sites are specially designed for these devices, and are quick and simple to use on mobile devices. This means that mobile users are able to access your website asily thus helping your company tap into a lucrative audience of new customers that want access to your website when they’re on the go.

The potential of mobile websites can not be ignored and this is why:

89% of the UK population have (or use) a mobile phone.
• Smartphone sales increased by 48.7% to 54.3 million units in this year’s first quarter.
• Smartphone usage is up 70% and growing faster in the UK than Europe.
• In the past three months, monthly Android traffic has grown at a rate of 43%. In 2009, monthly traffic from Android devices grew at a rate of 38%.
• As the number of mobile internet users looks set to surpass desktop internet users within the next 4 years, mobile advertising is expected to grow to £355m in Britain by 2014.
• The UK is 5th biggest mobile internet market globally.
7.1 million Brits now access the internet through their mobile phones.

Mobile internet browsing is popular because it is fast and easy to use. It allows people to access websites, products and services when they want, wherever they want. This type of internet user will expect to find mobile websites, and ignore those which do not meet their expectations.

If you find that your current website looks great on a desktop, but is not suitable for mobile users, then it’s time to get a mobile website that suits the purpose perfectly.

By investing in a specialist mobile website, you are showing your customer base that your company is at the forefront of new technology. This attracts tech-savvy customers or key decision makers using mobile technology due to travel and busy schedules to choose you over your competitors.

A mobile website will not replace your existing site, but make sure you are leading the way and contact eSterling today about your new mobile website.

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