Unlike onsite text content (such as blog posts which are on your site), offsite content is posted on other websites.

Article Marketing is a form of offsite content in which articles about your products and services are submitted to article websites. Article sites are like an online library containing thousands of unique articles from different authors across a variety of different categories and topics.

Google rewards these sites for having fresh and unique content and over time, the individual articles are also given credibility in their own right and begin to appear in Google searches. This also makes the links within the articles more important.

Article Marketing is included as part of your new monthly eMarketing service. This process involves selecting relevant information about your business, products or services and shaping this into a quality original article.

I do this by taking a look at your website and doing a little research into the topic. The finished article is then uploaded to several article sites and your company is cited as the author, along with a link to your website.

This method is a great way of getting links to your website from other trusted sites and showing Google you are part of the greater internet community.

Article Submissions are also brilliant for the credibility of your website, as you are demonstrating that your business is proactive in the online community. In time, your site will become more and more trusted, leading to better rankings in Google. As a Copywriter, I find that article submissions are a fantastic way to show that you are engaged with your industry and your customers.

If you would like to have a go at writing an offsite article yourself, check out http://ezinearticles.com as a good example of the type of article marketing sites that we use.

If you would like to have more articles written and submitted by me, just let me know! Call me today on 0121 766 4080.

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