You don’t always need to get your web development company involved to make a difference to the conversion rates of your website. Here’s a small list of things you can do right now to improve your business.

Advertise your best stuff “above the fold”

Make sure you are displaying your very best products on the front page and category listing pages. First impressions count and as they say “Above the fold if you want it sold”. Eye level is buy level!

State any order limitations early in the process

If you don’t ship overseas make sure the customer knows. Extra shipping to the Outer Hebrides? Let the customer know.

Inform the users about delivery times

Make sure you are giving potential customers a clear estimate of how long the expected delivery times will be. No one likes to wait.


Free shipping = lots of sales

Time after time surveys have shown that the number one barrier to sales is the cost of shipping. Give your customers free shipping and remove that barrier.

Use good quality product images

Customers want to see what they are buying. Provide clear good quality images of your products. Small pixelated images will prevent that sale.


A simple trick is to pick out items and make them “Limited Editions”. The less of something there is the more valuable it becomes to people.

Offer a price guarantee

Customers on the web like to shop around for the best deal. Keep them on your site by offering a price match guarantee.

While these ideas will get you started, remember that the best way to improve the performance of your site is to design and build for Conversions from the start. Call eSterling today for details on how to improve the effectiveness of your business.

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