Last month, I shared my thoughts about paying for search engine results with you. We established that the answer to the question ‘Is everyone paying for search engine rankings?’ was yes, yes and thrice YES.

So how on earth is Google currently using its great algorithmic capability to work out search engine results?

I am not going to list every factor for three reasons:

1)      I want to concentrate on a big factor here, rather than fill 135 pages and bore you readers rigid!

2)      I probably would run out of breath (and brain power!!) to list them all.

3)      I don’t every single factor of the algorithm and it’s weighting – nobody does, not even the team at Google!

One thing is for sure, I don’t always agree with the way that the Google algorithm works when it comes to one particular element – links. Google’s official guidelines mention that links should not be bought, or sourced from spammy sites.

However, in practice the opposite often applies…

  • The website with the greatest number of links is ranked highest – IMO this is WRONG
  • The links do not have to be from a relevant site – IMO this is EVEN MORE WRONG!

This shows that links can be bought easily and utilized to help rankings, despite Google saying that they should not be bought. So does Google have any real way of finding out? – I DON’T THINK SO

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