As part of our series on Social Media for businesses, Sentho Pembleton looks at LinkedIn and its benefits for small, medium and large businesses in the UK.


LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool


Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn is viewed as an online network of influential people all over the globe. Most of us know, it can be difficult to get an audience with those in a position of leadership – Managing Directors and CEOs are well-protected through normal channels of contact.  The advantage of LinkedIn is that it brings business people together in a new and unique way.  If utilized properly, even an office junior would be able to engage in discussion and build relationships with company CEOs.


Find Business Partners, Clients and Service Providers


LinkedIn can help most businesses build a network of useful contacts. Just a simple search in your field will reveal thousands of experts, service providers and potential clients.  Even if you don’t personally know an individual, you can request to be introduced through a mutual contact or you can send an introductory email.




For recruiters out there, LinkedIn can offer easy access to potential candidates. Businesses can locate a particular candidate that fits their required level of expertise and contact them directly. Companies can also post a job ad for a monthly fee dependant on the location.


Expert Advice


This business networking site offers a unique tool called LinkedIn Answer.  It aims to facilitate information and idea sharing online.  The service allows you to post business questions to both your network and the rest of the LinkedIn community.  LinkedIn has always been used for knowledge sharing. Users have always been able to communicate through their mailbox to pose questions to connections.


Promote your blog


LinkedIn is a great way to share and promote a business blog. Users have the opportunity to add a blog or website to their individual profile in order to give it more exposure.




The recommendation feature can also be used as a business tool. Once you’ve added a product or service to your business profile, you can request recommendations from your customers. In doing this it will boost your company’s credibility and help you gain new clients.



LinkedIn and SEO


LinkedIn enables you to make your profile information available for search engines to index.  LinkedIn profiles do receive a high page rank in Google and this is great way to influence what people see when they search for your business. In addition it now gives users the ability to share content. This activity will influence your search engine ranking positions.



LinkedIn Groups


More companies are now taking advantage of this feature for their businesses to network and grow. You can even add your website link in the group profile for great visibility.  Sending weekly messages to your group can maintain interest and enthusiasm too.  To make the most of your group, you need to find a niche/area business that is under- represented and aim to be the authority of the subject.  The more quality content you produce to back this up and the more effectively you run your group, the greater the support you will get from your community and the more likely you are to appear as an authority in your niche fields.




LinkedIn has over 120 million users worldwide and has extensive targeting capabilities to entice advertisers. The business network has followed Facebook’s example and introduced a ‘self service’ system ‘LinkedIn Ads’. This provides an opportunity for all LinkedIn users to advertise on a cost per click or impression basis. Advertisement can be tailored by job title and function, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender or certain LinkedIn groups.


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