It seems like a good thing to have, and there’s plenty of companies out there who harp on about its effectiveness and how it improves the search rankings. So here is some information we thought would be useful

What is Google Business View?

Based on Google Street View, Google’s Business View gives users an inside view of your business. The idea is that, instead of just seeing a shop front, warehouse or generic office facade, you can now do a virtual walk in and see what the business looks like on the inside.

The difference from Google Street View is that there is no special Google vehicle doing the photographs. Instead, to get all those 360° images, you must hire a trusted agency (which we are) – it’s not something you can just do yourself.

What benefits?

The web seems to be unanimous in saying that there are benefits to having your business included in Google Business View. Having images of your business displayed right next to search page results should give customers a better sense who you are, and whether you are a real and trusted company.

So, it would be fair to say it will help your click through rate. But will it help your search ranking?

To date, it there doesn’t seem to be much research on this, and Google are pretty “hush hush” about it.

“An article that appeared in in 2013 did show that sites that ranked high in local searches and have also adopted Google Business View managed to retain their dominance.”

Which suggests a correlation between having Google Business View and maintaining a Google ranking.

One thing we are fairly sure about, is that Google usually looks after those who use a Google feature. Having a virtual tour may not directly boost rankings, but is will increase trust, which does play a part in the local algorithm.

What can we offer with this Google 360 service?

  • High quality 360 degrees walkthrough of your business from a Google Trusted & Verified agent
  • Images linked to allow a virtual walk around offering a Virtual reality experience
  • Interior & Exterior images
  • Improve your Google presence
  • Improve traffic to your website
  • We will add the feature on  your Google Business page, maps and street view
  • Can be viewed across all mobile devices
  • The codes/306 will be embedded onto your website
  • The codes/306 can be embedded onto your social media accounts
  • Ideal to show your showrooms/offices/factory/industrial/Warehouses

To discuss this package please contact Wave White on 0121 766 8087

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