Six simple strategies on how to use Twitter effectively:

1. Shout about it.

Microblogging or Micro PR, Twitter acts as a perfect platform to let people know what you’re doing in your own business. Are you planning a news letter, launching a new product or simply letting people know how the latest team-building event went? Short posts like this help keep customers updated and show that you’re actively promoting yourself.

2. Don’t be selfish – share the knowledge.

The main ethos behind the internet is the contribution and sharing of information to the masses. So if you have some advice, let me know. This covers a variety of topics, if you just found a great way to recycle your old pens – let people know. Or if you have a handy tip on how to make products X1234 more efficient – spread the word. People will begin to see you as a source of ideas and knowledge and will begin to trust your posts.

3. Ask a question.

Everyone loves to have their own opinion, so ask them what it is. Asking questions provokes interaction, no matter what the questions. You’re showing interest in what your reader’s thoughts are, rather than just wanting to hog the spotlight.

4. Product or service launch.

Once you have established your following of Twitterers, this is the ideal place to let everyone know you’re about to launch a new product or introduce a new product. You can even offer your followers exclusive deals as an incentive.

5. Give advice.

You can use your Twitter account as a live Q and A area. This gives you the chance to flaunt your professional advice and again reassure customers you know what you’re talking about.

6. Acknowledge and Say Hello to followers.

Make your followers feel unique and valued, just by saying hello and thank you.

In Summary…

Twitter can be overcomplicated but if you stick to these simple ground rules, you should be able to avoid wasting time and provide your followers with relevant information which provides you with a platform to market your business and leverage your expertise online.
  • Adam Egginton

    A great introduction to Twitter! Nice one Clare…

    Twitter can be used by business’ and individuals alike!

    Individuals can decide to follow people they share an interest with eg; comedians, musicians and in my case, other web designers in the industry. It proves not only to be informative but fun aswell to keep up to date with your favoutite band or whats going on in your area of interest! 🙂

    Business’ can have a twitter account and keep their customers up to date with any news, special offers and just about anything else!

    Its a great way of getting people closer!…as you can probably tell, I use it every day 😉 !