As web designers our job is not only to create kick-ass web sites, but also to educate our clients in the ways of the internet and to explain to them the limitations we all have to abide by.

In this article I will outline some of the biggest issues that face web designers and developers across the world and help you realise why we do certain things the way we do.

1)      Cross Browser Support

What’s a browser? Why is it angry? Let me explain..

A browser is the program your computer uses to view web sites and there are a number of different browsers you can choose from, the main contenders are Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc. They all render websites in their own special way, which can alter how they appear to you.

In order to be provide you with a valid website we have to test each site in over 5 browsers and make sure it is not only looking right but also functioning correctly in each of them.

Add to this the fact that the companies who make these browsers will keep on updating them, putting multiple versions of multiple browsers into the mix. This makes the job of the web designer tricky to say the least!

One browser in particular has made our job more difficult over the past 9 years and that browser is little ol’ Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Many of the biggest web sites in the world have now dropped support for this browser, as have many design agencies, so if you are using the dreaded Internet Explorer 6, it’s really time you upgraded.

2)      Resolution Issues

I’m not about to confuse you with inane computer jargon so don’t worry, but I do have to mention the Resolution Issue which is cropping up more and more.

Have you ever thought “I want my home page not to scroll”

or “I want my web site to fill up the screen”?

When you say “screen”, web designers think “OK, is it a 17’, 19’, 21’ screen or bigger?

When you say “scroll”, we think “Not scrolling on your resolution? Or all resolutions and screen sizes?”

You see, its not just as easy as coding in HeightOfSite=100% its far more complicated than that.

What we have to do as web designers is come up with a happy medium whereby the site vertically scrolls as little as possible in as many resolutions and monitor sizes as possible. Getting it right for all screen resolutions and monitor sizes is a bit of a juggling act. The end result looks easy, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes!

As a side note, vertical scrolling is now second nature to internet users so it really has no bearing on the success of your new web site.

I hope you have found this article interesting and informative.

So remember, even if something seems easy to you, its probably not the case. You have hired the web designer so trust him or her to do their job properly.

Talking of which, my next post will feature handy tips on how to choose the right Web Design Agency for your next project.

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