The internet has changed beyond recognition. I remember the early days when an email address alone was considered one of the coolest things a guy could have.

Can anyone remember Geocities, Netaddress, Yahoo Chat etc? In those days if you could string a few pages of a website together; you were considered a Guru… Yeah. I recall my first encounter using the internet with much nostalgia.

Today the internet is (kind of) the same as it was, however, we have embraced it and are using it in such a way that is far different than a decade ago. Today we are accustomed to using social networking in our everyday lives.

To me, if you are not ‘part’ of the internet by having an active email address, website, social media presence etc, then you are missing out on a massive change in the way humans interact in the 21st century.

Now we have another social media network available to us – Google +, which I’ll be trying out as soon as I can!

I have no idea what is in store for us within the next decade of the evolution of the internet. However, I do believe we are going to see some changes and new ideas popping up all the time.

The internet is now very social…are you part of it? And do you have any fun memories of your interaction with the internet over the last decade or more?