I can’t stress the importance of using correct spelling and grammar on your website enough. Poor spelling creates a bad first impression that can leave a lasting effect when customers choose to shop with your competitors rather than you.

It may surprise you that poor spelling can also harm your SEO efforts. If you repeatedly spell one of your keywords incorrectly, it could have a negative impact on your search engine results because Google won’t be able to find that keyword in the text. If your text is littered with errors it could also lead Google to the conclusion that your site doesn’t have anything useful to say!

It really does pay to get little details right on your website as it creates a good first impression and pleases the search engines. Take some time today to read through your website text and make any corrections that are needed.

Follow these top tips for getting your content right every time:

  • Write your content in Word and copy and paste this into your CMS – this will help you to spot spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Read what you have written out loud – it’s the best way to check how your content ‘reads’.
  • If in doubt, print your content out. This way you can edit it with your red pen, or give it to a friend or colleague to read.
  • Beware of American spelling. Americanisms can lead your customers to the conclusion that you are based in theUSA, which could put them off buying from your site. American spellings can also be confusing toUKsearch engines.
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