Browsers are fickle. If you want to convert a visitor into a customer you need to instantly grab their attention. Beyond eye catching images, bullet points and benefits (not features!) you need to focus on your headlines.

In the world of content strategists and copywriters they call this microcontent and we’re going to show you how to improve yours.

You only get a sentence, that’s 40 to 60 letters, to work with. That’s a lot less that a tweet so every word counts. This kind of text is also displayed usually without context. Sure, it may be displayed with an image but often those are a little generic or abstract. Because of this you have to write a headline that stands on its own.

Here are a few hints on writing that perfect line of text.

Be clear in what your message is.

Your headline has to be appealing. What are you offering? Why does this benefit the customer?

It has to be relevant to both the site and to the reader. Match the headline to the content.

Be credible. Don’t over exaggerate or make claims that simply are not true.

Be sure to “front-load” your headline. That is, putting the most valuable phrase at the beginning.

Use numbers. “10 reasons good headlines improve online sales!”

Use powerful words like “free” and “imagine”.

Try phrasing your headline as a question. “Want to get more business by writing the perfect headline?”

Be succinct. Remove unnecessary words.

Focus on what the customer will find desirable.

“We promise you this: you are now ready to write great headlines”

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