Achieving Google Partner status means that eSterling Ltd has demonstrated Adwords expertise; met Adwords spend requirements, and demonstrated sustained revenue growth for our clients, as well as understands best practices.

What does it means when a marketing agency advertises that it is a certified Google Partner?

When you see that badge on agencies website, it tells you a lot about the business.

Google Partner status isn’t just handed out… that badge has to be earned, and we have worked for ours!

Not only must our employees take various courses and pass a few tests to gain individual qualification, eSterling Ltd  itself has proven that it can meet Google’s strict requirements to become a partner.

As eSterling is a Google Partner Agency, what are the benefits for our clients?

  • Google Partners provide features and tools designed to help us grow your campaigns.
  • We are up to date and constantly on the ball, through the certification process, our team is provided with training directly from Google.
  • Being certified demonstrates the excellent service we provide to our clients.
  • We can demonstrate we work along side Google and that Google trusts us!
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