A professionally made website, with hosting and ongoing support, is a good investment, but choosing an agency is much easier when you have an idea of how much the website will cost, and what you’ll get for it. We’re sharing our pricing policy to support you in your search for quality website design.

Of  course, each business we speak to has their own requirements. Before we offer a quote, it’s imperative we know the targets of the new site so that we can provide adequate, targeted advice, and an accurate price estimate for the design.

We mainly create two types of websites: Brochure and eCommerce.

Brochure websites allow customers to view your range of products and services, learn more about your business and get essential information, such as deliveries. The key part of a brochure website is the contact page, because customers contact you to make enquiries and place orders directly.

eCommerce websites facilitate order placement through the site. Customers can view products details and place an order, paying online and giving their details for delivery. The website also shows information about your company.

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How much does Brochure Website Design cost?

We quote based on what’s right for your business. There are many types of brochure website, so it’s important that we wait until we know your aims to determine what ingredients will help your business thrive.

Here’s a range of questions we’ll likely ask you prior to quoting:

  • What makes your business different from the rest?
  • Do you have a site map?
  • Do you want to display previous works?
  • Do you require a Blog or News Section?
  • Does your business have any specific corporate branding?
  • What is the main ‘Call to Action’ of the new site? (Essentially, what do you want your visitors to do?)
  • What level of design would work best for your target audience? Simple, corporate or ‘WOW!’

These kinds of questions really give us an insight into the type of Brochure Website you’re after.  They also give us some inspiration, which allows our years of experience to flourish.  We’re then in a position where we can help, advise and support your new project.

Prices for Brochure Websites start from £3,000. The price we charge depends on your specific requirements, such as the number of pages you require and the level of design that would support your target market. Know that every decision made during the project is based on your goals and targets. We always try to share our knowledge and give the best advice we can to our customers.

How much does eCommerce Website Design cost?

eCommerce is a much more complex site structure than a brochure site, but it can be invaluable for businesses. You can’t hire a Salesperson who’s available 24/7 or is willing to take and process orders on Christmas Day!

No other asset will do what a well-built eCommerce website can do for a business – it’s that simple.

Just like Brochure websites, we ask questions before offering the best quote we can for the level of work required.

As well as the above questions, we’ll need to know:

  • How many products?
  • Do those products have options?
  • Do those options change the price?
  • Is there tiered pricing?
  • How is shipping calculated?
  • What payment provider(s) are you using?

All these questions need to be answered so we can plan out the project and provide a clear quote.

Part of the eSterling fact-finding stage involves our eCommerce Specification document. This is forwarded to all eCommerce prospects and gives us a solid foundation for the work.

Our eCommerce website design starts from £5,000. Some sites have more complexity than others, such as bespoke payment options, custom APIs and, simply, huge product ranges. The more complex the website, the more hours of design time and the more it will cost.

“You get what you pay for.”

In every industry around the world, this phrase is true but in Website Design, it’s very clear to see. Our industry is also populated with Freelancers, one-man-bands and people who have taken a  six-week course in Web Design 101, who think they’re experts. This solo designer will not charge as much as us, but they are unlikely to have the range of skills and deep knowledge that you can get from an agency, and the job will not be as successful for your business.

When you’re dealing with a design agency that has been around for almost 25 years, you get a lot more for your money.

The ROI on an up to date, functional eCommerce website is enormous. This is largely due to modern customer expectations. Customers find it much more appealing to use a website where they can see all of the product information up front and make a purchase within minutes, without having to wait for a call back or an email chain to resolve.

Our eCommerce site designs are proven to increase conversions and build revenue for businesses quickly. Explore our previous work to see what we can do.

As well as the best in website design, you work with an experienced team of designers and developers working together on your project. Our team is made up of some of the best Designers and Developers in Birmingham, a dedicated Project Manager and access to one of the most dynamic Digital Marketing Departments around, all in house. And that’s all before your new website goes live!

After we launch your website, we’re still around for support. Your main contact will be our HelpDesk Department, who can help and advise you with any website queries you might have. You’re also in the capable hands of our Commercial Manager (Wave White) who can advise you on how to make the most of your website and be on hand to support your online presence.

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