Secure searches for users are now available at helping us all make private searches even if we are connecting via an unsecured network (even the Google maps sniffer car can’t snoop on that – see my previous post). With the use of an SSL Google are effectively creating an encrypted tunnel between your browser and their servers, meaning that your searches cannot be sniffed out by people wanting to gather data on you.

Using technology commonly found on ecommerce sites, Google have improved security across the web for the user, not to mention making browsing in China an all together safer experience.


  • Clare Brace

    Will this effect providers such as Hitwise?

    Will this mean that the only people able to gather user data is the site owner and Google?

    • Adam Egginton

      Well, I am not sure about that….

      What this means is that the search string you type in your computer is secure from the point is leaves your PC to the point it reaches Google’s server. So as long as hitwise and the others don’t gather info before the sting is sent (i.e. on your pc) or from Google then I guess not.