I speak with many people about how to improve their Internet Marketing. One suggestion I often make is to have a regularly updated Blog on their site. Many people have heard of the term, but I’m all too often asked; ‘What actually is a Blog?’ and ‘How will it help my business?’

Think of it from Google’s prospective for a moment. Imagine how many websites there are in the world all competing to appear on the first page. How does Google decide which websites deserve to be on page one?

There are many factors Google assesses in its decision making process, one of these factors is how new and unique the content is on your website. Has there been any new content added to the site since 2010? Or are you keeping your site’s content up-to-date regularly and sharing information with users? Are visitors to your site, interacting with the content you creating for them?

If you had to choose between thousands of websites, would you opt to visit the site where there haven’t been any changes for years? Or would you want to see what’s new on the site that makes updates every week?

A key part to being a good Blogger is remembering that you are creating content for your users, not just Google.

Well written, good quality content is good for your business’ reputation, it enables your users to openly interact and share thoughts and ideas with you and in turn your site is rewarded for all your hard work.

Another crucial part to Blogging is to ensure you respond to user comments, no one likes to be ignored regardless of what platform the conversation takes place.

No one understands your business and your customers as well as you do, but we also understand that finding the time to invest into creating blog posts for your website is very difficult.

eSterling are able to create blog posts for you. We always have both the search engines and your customers in mind when we create blogs for your website. This means that every blog post is created from scratch by our professional Copywriter and each post is unique and relevant.

From only £25 per post, you can have a professional Blog and be on your way to creating your own library of useful information to keep both your website visitors and Google happy.

Call Cassandra our Copywriter direct on (0121) 766 4080 to discuss Blogs in more detail.

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