After much speculation, the brand new iPhone was launched yesterday. Many of us were expecting a fifth version of the popular gadget, but instead we’ve had to settle (for now) for the iPhone 4S.

The presence of Steve Jobs was missed as new Apple CEO Tim Cook took the helm to talk us through the new features. Although the iPhone 4S is not a re-invention of the smartphone, there are some pretty good features…

The iPhone 4S benefits from having the iPad 2’s dual-core A5 processor under its hood, making it twice as fast as its predecessor. The dual-core graphics are seven times faster too which is good news for gamers. Video recording has also been upgraded to full 1080p HD.

Better still, it will be noticeably improved in terms of call quality – something that has always bothered iPhone fans in the past.

There was also a surprising new feature that has left opinions divided…

The new Siri intelligent personal assistant comes loaded on the 4S and is a voice-controlled information device. You shout your question into your iPhone, and Siri gives you the answer (albeit after a few attempts). Personally, the thought of scary Siri’s voice has me reaching for the mute button!

So will you be buying an iPhone 4S on 14th October? Or will you hold out for the iPhone 5, rumoured to be launched early next year?

Either way, this new launch confirms that the Apple iPhone is here to stay – so make sure your website is iPhone compatible by calling us today.

  • Rob Barley

    This blog nicely highlights the key features of the iPhone 4G, thanks, I enjoy reading the eSterling blogs.

    For the high price, I dont see people desperately clammouring for this as the updates are too subtle, the Siri thing will need to be so accurate if its to be a success, and the new processor will be better, but, will it twice as fast in reality? The camera is improved so that’s a nice touch, but I will be waiting the iPhone5 thank you very much!