How do you show customers they’ve completed their purchase? Say Thank You!

A ‘Thank You’ page to mark order completion should be as standard as a 404 page. It shows when users complete an order or an enquiry.

Just for eCommerce?

Thank You Pages can also acknowledge:Animation - 1712927583394

  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Document downloads
  • Ticket purchases
  • Survey completion
  • Competition entries

The list goes on. Whatever action your users take, acknowledging it satisfies a basic need for closure.

Thank You Pages Build User Confidence

When users click the order button to complete their purchase, they expect confirmation that the button worked.

If nothing happens, or they’re redirected to the home page, they may doubt that their order has been logged.

If they see a basic page, that’s often good enough. A ‘thank you’ page lets the user know they completed the user journey successfully. They have clear expectations of what will happen next and are satisfied.

But what about next time? Are they likely to remember your brand once they’ve ordered from you? How do you leverage this positive interaction to build your brand?


Edit the Default

If your eCommerce website uses WooCommerce or OpenCart, you’ll likely have their default order confirmation page. This is plain and, frankly, boring. Good designers will add some styling to make it fit the rest of your design, but there is a lot more scope for creating something unique to your brand.

But it’s just another page, and it doesn’t do anything. Why give it any more thought?

A custom Thank You page is a small detail that can take a website the extra mile for the brand. Designers can hard-code bespoke messages, add plugins and animations, and build a page your customers will remember.

A Custom Thank You Page Builds Brand Personality

A good user experience is just one part of building your brand’s reputation. The content on that confirmation page is an opportunity to inject some personality into your website.

a handshake

Whether that’s a friendly ‘Cheers for the order’ or a formal ‘Your purchase has been successful’, what you put on this page shows who you are as a business. A whimsical animation or a clean, luxurious design can go a long way in boosting your customers’ loyalty and affinity for your brand.

Your Thank You page should match the rest of your website’s design and tone of voice, so it’s not the place for a radical shift in tone. Use this page to back up the reputations you’re already building.

Next Steps

You can use your Thank You page to remind users of important next steps, or make suggestions. Amazon’s order confirmation page is full of related products. Independent businesses often share a link to download receipts. At the very least, use this page to show users the way back to your home page.

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