As Jubilee-fever sweeps the nation are you doing your bit to make sure you capitalise on it this summer? Retail outlets are FULL of Union Jacks and little crown-shaped trinkets. There is a resurgence in teapot sales and macaroons are EVERYWHERE!

Whether or not you plan to wave a little flag of your own, there is definitely money to be made on the back of the Jubilee and for savvy business owners the opportunity is too good to miss. Here are our top tips:

  • Run a Jubilee-inspired competition on your web site and spread the word using your Social Media links such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Turn your usual seasonal special offers into Jubilee special offers, decorating your site with red, white and blue to jolly it up.
  • Give out Jubilee voucher codes at checkout to existing customers encouraging a return visit by offering a discount.
  • If you’re in the market, stock a specific Jubilee range to entice buyers. Create packages or sell items on an individual basis.
  • Get involved in community activities. Offer to sponsor a tea party in your local area and get the press involved.

However you choose to spend the Jubilee, don’t miss out on a chance to increase your sales opportunities. Boost British Business! Hoorah!

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